Easter in Marpissa Paros

Easter in Marpissa village


Each year on Good Friday in the village of Marpissa (1Km away from Piso Livadi) , a spectacular event takes place, celebrating Easter with the ‘Parastaseis’, a series of dramatic tableaux portraying scenes from the Passion of the Christ and involving around 200 villagers in the production. This event has become famous all over Greece and attracts many visitors to the village every year.

The custom dates back to 1927, first organised at the Marpissa Elementary School – which at that time was also attended by the children from the villages of Marmara and Prodromos – by teacher Vasileia Kafourou. In later years the Parastasis was held outside of the school, the scenes illuminated by portable ‘lux’ lamps because at that time there was no electricity in the village.